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Warning & Product Care

Warning Notice

The DeDe® Sun Protective Neckwear is to be worn over the chin or rolled down.  Care should be taken when pulling the neckwear down over the eyes, nose and mouth and securing the neckwear on the chin.  Refer to the sizing chart for comfortable donning of the neckwear over the head to your chin.  It is not recommended to cover the nose and mouth with The DeDe® Sun Protective Neckwear. 

The DeDe® Sun Protective Arm Sleeves are to be worn on the arms, covering the wrists, forearms and lower part of the upper arms by the biceps.  It is not recommended to wear the

The DeDe® Sun Protective Arm Sleeves on any other parts of the body.

Care Instructions for the SunScreen 50™ apparel

– Wash on low temperature setting using mild detergent

– Avoid washing with items that have zippers or hook and loop, or scratchy items like denim

– Completely close the back hook and loop opening of The DeDe® Neckwear Back Enclosure  prior to washing

– Do not use a bleach containing chlorine

– Do not use a fabric softener as it inhibits the wicking capability of the fabric

– Hang or lay flat, and air dry is best

– Dry on low dryer setting if you must use a dryer

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